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Pattern Corrections

From time to time an error will be noticed in my patterns. I try as fast as I can to make corrections to the pattern when notified but this does not cover previously sold patterns that went out in previous printings. Hopefully this will help you when a problem comes up. If you find an error in one of my patterns that are not listed here, please let me know so that the correction may be made.

The following patterns have corrections that you need to make if you purchased your pattern before I revised the pattern to take care of this. If you have one of these patterns just compare it to see if the changes where already made to your pattern or not.

Pattern #160 Mosaic Pattern #160
  Page 1
Lt. Gold 1-1/2" wide    
Deep Moss Green 1-1/2" wide   (the change)
Med. Lt. Green 1-3/8" wide   (the change)
Black 1-3/8" wide    
      Page 2
Lt. Gold 1-1/2" wide    
Deep Moss Green 1-3/8" wide   (the change)
Black 1-3/4" wide    

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